DIY Installation for Metal Buildings

Constructing a Tiger Steel Buildings® package is Fast & Easy! Simply grab an extra set of paws or two and your building will be standing in as little as 2 days. When you follow our easy do-it-yourself instructions, you’ll save time and money. If you prefer to hire a professional to erect your building, simply ask your representative for a list of building erectors in your area.

Although assembling your Tiger Steel Buildings® is easy, we strongly recommend you take safety precautions and wear the appropriate safety gear:

  • gloves
  • hard hat
  • eye protection
  • steel toe boots

Follow the building instructions included with your pre-engineered steel building package

All hardware is included with your package. We recommend using the following tools to assemble your building:

  • wrenches
  • level
  • ladder or scaffolding
  • 100' rope
  • 2 "S" hooks (to help raise arches)

Before starting construction, we also suggest calling your insurance agent to provide you with coverage during construction as well as when the building is complete.

Preparing the Foundation

Once your site is clear and level, prepare to lay the foundation. It is most important to properly construct the reinforced concrete foundation to ensure top performance from your building. Follow the instructions included with your building package to guide you through the steps to lay a foundation specifically for your model.

Assembling the Arches and Sidewalls

Lay arches and sidewalls (for models other than “Q”) on the ground in the position you will be raising. Next, tightly bolt each sidewall panel to the arch using the high-grade nuts and bolts and no-leak washers included with your steel building package. All panels are precisely predrilled and use exactly the same size bolts (extras are included) to save you time on construction.

Raise the Arches and Sidewalls

Using your scaffolding and a rope, raise the arches and their sidewalls one-by-one from the ground securely positioning in trough. We recommend using a rope and attaching “S” hooks to the assembled arch then manually pulling the arch into place. Secure the first arch then continue raising and bolting the remaining assembled side and arch panels together.

*instructions may vary if any custom accessories have been added

Install Endwalls

Raise endwalls into place and secure to complete your building process. DIY installation is that easy!

*instructions may vary with plans including doors, windows and other features.

Enjoy your new Steel Building from Tiger Steel Buildings® If you have any questions, contact us at 877-357-3897!

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